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What do we do?
Smallfry and DM is a talent drama agency. We represent babies through to adults, and we promote them within the advertising, television, musical theatre and film industries. We supply children and adults to clients for television commercials, television series, films, drama, theatre, promotional videos, video clips, voice-overs, photographic advertising, and parades. We act as a liaison between the client and talent. Based on the client's specific requirements we put forward a selection of talent who we think are suitable for the job. Once the client makes a decision and books the talent, we provide you with all the information you need. This will entail where to go, what clothes to wear, what to bring and whether you need to learn a script etc.

What are the expectations you require from your talent?
Our expectation is that all of our talent from an early age will train in Acting / Drama, Dance or singing to give themselves the best opportunity of gaining work in the industry etc., etc.

What type of work can I / my child or I look forward to?
No agency can guarantee work or auditions; and Smallfry and DM will aim to provide opportunities to all suitable talent within the advertising, television, Musical Theatre and film industries.

What do I have to do to join and how much does it cost?
You must submit - via email - a relevant resume and recent photograph. Our staff will review and if selected we will request you to attend an audition. If invited to join Smallfry/DM there is an annual fee which covers the cost of headshots, our website and Showcast change to Casting Networks & 12 Months representation.

What ages do you represent?
We represent children and adults from 2 and up. (We also have access to a number of family units including not only mum, dad and siblings, but grandparents as well.)

How many children/ Adults do you represent?
Small Fry / DM represent approximately 250 talents from 2 years through to adults. The majority of the children and adults are promoted on the Internet. We strive to keep a balanced mix of talent so as to supply clients with a diverse range of looks, talents and abilities.

Do you accept everyone who applies?
Unlike some agencies, we DO NOT accept every applicant. In order to represent each child and adult responsibly, and honestly, we only accept applicants who we believe have a reasonably high success rate of securing work. We understand our client's time is valuable and for that reason do not waste their time or your time by selecting talent who "haven't got it".

How do I know you are a reputable agency?
Smallfry/DM has been a force in the industry for almost 33 years and we are proud of our reputation within the industry and the client base we deal with each day. When selecting an agent - do your homework - check out what they are offering and at what cost. What fees they charge, and who some of their clients are. No agent can guarantee work - if they do, be careful.

How do you promote your talent?
Smallfry/DM is known throughout the industry as a reputable and reliable supplier of child and adult talent. This reputation has been enhanced by the honest and down to earth approach of Naomi. Upon joining Smallfry/DM, your details are placed on our files. This allows us to search our records for suitable talent, depending on the client's requirements. We promote the talent through accurately pitching them to our clients. We may also use your showreel or voice-over demos to achieve this, together with general knowledge of our talent.

I'm new to this, how does the process work?
Clients seek talent in a number of ways, whether by direct phone call or by distributing a "BRIEF" outlining their requirements. This will detail the type of job, the type of talent required. Suitable talent who match these requirements will be submitted for consideration by the client. In most cases, the client will contact us with names of talent they wish to 'audition'. However in rare cases, the client may cast directly from the talent's headshot. Auditions are generally during business hours, Monday - Friday. So if you have a child, please be prepared to take your child to an audition during school hours.

Who are our clients?
As one of the leading children and adult agents in Victoria, with access to clients from all over Australia, our clients are the main players in the advertising and entertainment industry. These include leading Casting Consultants such as Maura Fay, Barrett Casting , Christine King casting, Mullinars, Chameleon, 2 Divas, Nick Hamon Casting, Mackintosh Casting and Zoo Casting to name a few. Our talent have appeared in television shows & Feature Films such as: Home & Away, Neighbours (Ongoing Roles) , Time of Our Lives , Ja'mie (Chris Lilley's Private school girl) Underbelly Series , Return to Nim's Island, Woodley (Lead) The Slap , Offspring, Killing time, Neighbours (regular roles), So You Think You Can Dance (Top 5) Underbelly Tv Movies, City Homicide, Rush (ongoing Roles), Satisfaction, As the Bell Rings (Lead), Thank God You're Here, Bed of Roses, Dirt Game, Prank Patrol (Lead), Dead Gorgeous (Lead), Tangle, Lowdown, Angry Boys (Lead), Talkin' Bout Your Generation. The Gathering ( Lead), 25 Pty Ltd, Killer Elite, 6 Plots, Breaking the Ice (Lead), There had Better be Blood, The Eye of The Storm. Our stage credits include: Wicked , Dirty Rotten Scoundrels , Godspell , Pippin, Children Of Eden ,Love Never Dies, The Production Company Boy from Oz (Lead), The Production Company, Mame (Lead), Sugar, The Magic Flute, Crazy for you, Sydney Capitol Theatre Boy From Oz, The King and I (Lead), H. S. M, Priscilla the Musical, Cats Australian Tour, Cats Asian Tour, MTC's, Malthouse Theatre ,West Side Story, Mary Poppins(Leads), Universal Studios Japan, Disney Cruise Line. Universal Studios Japan , Universal Studios Singapore. Some of our regular catalogue clients include Target, Myer, Country Road, Kmart, Chain Reaction, Designer Kidz and many freelance.

Do you guarantee work?
Smallfry/DM CAN NOT guarantee work for any talent. It is a competitive industry. At the end of the day it is the client who decides which child/adult will be given the job. We do not have a say in this process.

What commission do you charge?
Depending on the type of job Smallfry/DM will invoice the client and then receive payment on your behalf. We deduct commission from your final payment, our commission structure is:
10% - Music Theatre productions (this will be charged the entire run of play on the gross salary)
15% - Film, TV and Theatre
20% - for all other work, including photographic work, voiceovers, commercials, internet, stills, modeling, + GST etc.

Do I need a Tax File Number?
We recommend all children and adults obtain a Tax File Number to ensure the minimum amount of tax is deducted by the client.

What about taxation?
Smallfry/DM acts as your agent. We are not your employer. Depending on the type of job we will either invoice the client on your behalf or you will have completed the relevant taxation documents on location (usually for film and drama work) the client is obliged to deduct PAYG taxation installments. Once we receive the payment we will forward a Tax Invoice, setting out any deductions and the balance of payment. The client will forward a Group Certificate towards the end of the financial year.

Can I be with more than one agent?
No, our representation is exclusive.

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